T. Anthony (Ted)

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My name is Ted and I live in a small town in mid-Michigan between Saginaw and Flint. My education includes a technical degree in photography, an AAS in Music, a BA in Math Education and an MA in Technology. In the past I have taught Jr. High, High School, Adult Ed, and College; mostly mathematics. But I have also worked in retail and sweated in a factory.

My favorite job of all times was when I operated my own photography business which catered to weddings, portraits and schools. But after 17+ years it was getting difficult to work a full time job while at the same time running a photography business in the evenings and on weekends. Therefore, my passion for photography was put on hold for several years.

My next endeavor ended up taking me in a totally different direction. After a forced retirement I decided to turn a hobby into another small business. Presently I turn wood into functional works of art on my wood lathe. You can see some of my creations at www.thelatentlog.com. One of the things that I found I had to do in order to be accepted into art shows was to send in high quality photos of my work to the juries. It was then that I finally decided to invest in my first digital camera. Why pay someone else to take jury photos when I could take them myself.

The thing is, once I started taking photos again, I realized how much I had missed it. But now, instead of photographing weddings and portraits, I photograph, well, whatever I want.  And I teach photography to others with the desire to learn.    Now, for the first time in several years, photography is fun again.

If you like what you see at Images by T. Anthony then please feel free to leave a comment.  If you wish to take photography lessons then click on LESSONS at the top of this page.   And if by chance you are so compelled, my photographs are also for sale.

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